How much I have to pay?

How the rent is calculated


The rent is seasonal. For example $1850. This amount has to be paid by mid-August. When you arrive, we divide the seasonal price on the amount of weeks from your arrival date until mid-August. The resulted amount of weeks defines on how many installments will you have to make your payments. As long as your period of stay is longer than until mid August, but your whole rent should be paid by that time, it makes sense that you will pay little bit higher installment every week, so you can get the whole rent paid until that time. Once after you pay your last due installment, you will no longer due any rent and you can continue living in the house until the date of leaving which you requested at the very beginning. The amount of $175, which you pay now, will be deducted from your whole seasonal rent price. The difference will be divided on the amount of weeks from your arrival until mid August and the result will show us how much money will each of your weekly installments be. Respectively, as early May as you arrive is better for you, because that way you will have more weeks until mid August and your installments will be lower than if you arrive in mid June for example.

Seasonal Rental

We would kindly like to inform you that finishing your rent payments in August is not unusual for Ocean city. As long as our town is seasonal, this is a requirement of almost all housing owners.


Let`s give you an example. If the seasonal price of $1850 is split in all weeks of the rent period (from May 14 - Sep 23), you will see how much is the rent price per week. The $175.00 dollars (prepaid rental installment) will be deducted from the whole seasonal price ($1850) and the $1675.00 difference will be split over the amount of weeks from your arrival until mid August. The result will shows you how much will be your weekly installment, so you can get the $1675.00 maid by mid August.

Finishing Early

Shortly said one more time, you pay same amount of seasonal rent, just finishing the payments earlier than the end of the season, so that`s why you should make little bit higher weekly installments than the real weekly rent.

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