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Security Deposit

ou are about to occupy and become an official tenant of a house where you chose to live during your summer stay in the United States. It is very important to be informed about the meaning and the importance of the “security deposit”. Landlords and renters usually charge certain amount of money alongside the first payment for housing. The amount is usually $250 per person. It could be a little more, depending on conditions of the apartment. You are expected to keep the property in clean and original condition, as well as to follow all rules, listed at the rental lease agreement, so you can get your security deposit back in the end of your stay. In case of damages, violations or moving out from the house before paying your balance, you will be responsible with the security deposit you have paid.

Lease Agreement

We will help you to clearly understand all terms and conditions at your rental lease agreement. Our housing team will answer all questions you may have and double explain any information included in the agreement which you can`t understand by reading only. We recommend you to check the unit before signing the rental lease agreement and inform the landlord in case of existing damages.


All houses that LETS GO Student Center rents include utility bills (water, gas, electricity, trash removal), so you only pay the rent, which varies from $100 per week to $125. Detailed information of the rental payments you should make is included in our rental lease agreement. When signing a rental lease agreement, you will be asked to pay for the following week or the first installment, one time fee in amount of $40 to set up a wireless Internet access as well as to provide us a copy of your passport. The one time Wi-Fi fee covers unlimited Internet usage for your entire stay.

Summer Rental Period

Summer seasonal rent period starts on May 15 and ends on September 30. At the moment of signing your lease, you should request a departure date as well. Please keep in mind that most landlords prefer lease to be paid long before the summer ends. All of the contracts indicate deadlines for rent to be paid. Our seasonal rents must be paid no later than August 15th. After that you will not owe anything and you can live at the property until the day you requested to depart. In case your plans change and you want to change the date of leaving, you can always feel free to visit our office and talk to a housing team member. We will be glad to help you!

Your Bed

We would kindly like to let you know that your summer seasonal rent includes a brand-new sheets and pillows, which we will have prepared on your bed at the day of your arrival, as well as complete kitchen supplies!

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